Saturday, 16 July 2011

So that’s that…

harry-potter-deathly-hallows-2-posterYou may or may not know that I often do reviews at Vulpes Libris, the book review blog. I’ve done a couple of long pieces, including The Death of Arthurian Legend, a review of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and a piece on Why I Love Shakespeare.

Today I posted this piece – my farewell to the Harry Potter series. With the final book published and the credits rolling on the final film, I just wanted to say – a somewhat tearful – goodbye to a series that I have adored.

Thought I’d share the link to that. I know there are lots of people out there that just don’t get the Harry Potter thing, but I was one of those girls that always wanted to be a witch. Combine that with the age I started reading the books (I was about 11, Chamber of Secrets had yet to come out) and you can see why it coming to an end is a bit of a big deal for me. And if you don’t, well, read that piece if you’re interesting in finding out why!

Does anyone remember the ”Previously…” trailer before the Buffy s.5 finale? It encompassed everything from s.1 onwards. HP7.5 should have that.

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  1. I love Potter et al, and I am too old even to be cast as Dumbledore. I was introduced to the family by a a young lecturer,(don't you notice how young lecturers look these days?) at Sussex Uni a decade ago - I was a mature to the point of rotting student - and despite the diatribes of which I read concerning Rowling's writing abilities, I think she has created something worthy of Dickens. Humbug to them, I say.

    PS The only Buffy fans I know are all gay, but then I live in Brighton.