Monday, 29 November 2010

Best laid plans…

tube-strike163844 So, remember me mentioning that I had an interview today? Yeah, well, that’s not going to happen. Firstly I had zero sleep last night (thanks insomnia) but I was up and all set to get ready to go when I watched the news. Strikes were affecting all my travel options and I caught something about delays due to weather. So I rang TFL for travel advice and basically, it was going to be a nightmare.
Did I really want all that for a job that I didn’t even really want? Ok, so I’m pretty desperate for cash (my savings are a-dwindling) but this was only ever going to be very occasional work. So I decided not to risk catching cold while waiting for rail replacement buses and being sneezed on by some random bloke who is standing on my feet (true story – he sneezed right into my parting). I really have too much on this week to get ill!
But today is not going to be wasted. I’m off to buy wrapping paper, pick up a Metro for the job section, then I’m going to tear through some job applications and get a few other things done. At some point today, with any luck, I’ll also feel warm.
But it is not all rubbish news! Merlin was incredible this weekend, I had a good night out and Vulpes Libris had a mention in The Guardian. Woo! Speaking of VL, got two reviews up this week (Tuesday and Friday) so check them out!
In other news, I’m living with the Grinch. Only don’t tell her I said that. Also, my weakness for boys in bands with guitars is approaching legendary proportions.


  1. Just arrived her via the slush (as in snow, not sloppy romance you understand) and VL.

    I loved your review of The White Woman on the Green Bicycle. And on first reading like your blog - good luck with your job-hunting.

    One tiny point: while your blog looks wonderful, the transparency of the text over the background image makes it a mite difficult to read. Can you up the opacity a tad to help myopic individuals like myself?

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I'm a bit rubbish with computery stuff, but I'll do my best!