Sunday, 21 November 2010

One of those days.

The library was utterly DEVOID of what I wanted.

William Boyd?


Ken Follett?

Um, only one of his.

Charles Nicholl?


This is deeply unfair and unjust. How can you put Boyd and Follett on TV and not carry them in the library?? And don’t you know it’s Shakespeare week on Vulpes Libris?? So give me Charles Nicholl!!

Yes, I was a tad annoyed by that, but I still managed to find seven books. One of which I think is about a girl who falls in love with a polar bear. If this is not what it’s about, I’m going to be properly disappointed.

I have yet to make a Harry Potter date. Monday was suggested but Monday is protected by the golden halo of being the day of The Class. As yet, no further plans have been made. So if I go fruit loop it’s because I CANNOT BEAR THE WAITING ANY LONGER!!

Oh and some Tory MP has resigned because he made some bloody stupid comment about how we’ve “never had it so good.” Yes, he has resigned because he said something daft. Does this strike anyone else as completely ridiculous? Yes, I thought he was a moron for saying it and quite obviously not living in the real world, but for goodness sake! Where is your backbone, Lord Young? I say half a dozen stupid things before breakfast so what should I do – kill myself??

But all things – from a disappointing library jaunt to spineless Tories – can be cured by Knights! 



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