Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The writer who came in from the cold.

cold I’m not good with cold. It’s comes of growing up in a house without central heating. I kid you not. We have one fire in the living room and a heater in the bathroom. That’s it. We’re all about jumpers, layers and blankets. And tea. Lots and lots of tea. On really icy days I even brush my teeth with the warm water.

So I was either going to grow up to feel the cold worse or have become immune to it. Sadly, I’m the former. But I have my Paddington Bear coat so I’m prepared for the outside world and I have retreated from running and gone back to Pilates. On really lovely days I’m tempted out, but on cold and rainy days like today I’m quite happy with an hour of Pilates. It does the job.

This is also the time of year that colds set in. My Nan has already claimed to have one in her bladder. Not sure how medically possible that is, it’s not something that Holby City covers.

But this is ideal writing weather. Although produces a certain sort of prose, I’m tending towards more atmospheric stuff than normal, slightly spooky.

In other news, I had an email today offering me an interview at the end of November. Only a part-time thing, but hey, it’s cash! And coming in the same week as my work experience fell through (it was in Bristol, despite me stating I live in London and was therefore after experience in the London office) it was a bit of a boost.

Got a couple of other applications to fill in when I’m done here. So the application process rolls on.


  1. Good afternoon, and greetings from Norway.

    The world is such a strange little place.

    I watched Notes on a Scandal last night. The quote "mind the gap...." caught my attention and I lay thinking about commenting it on my blog last night while trying to fall asleep. So, I googled it just now, to find the exact words, and I came across a link to YOUR blog, where you'd more or less taken the words right out of my mouth (or keyboard or whatever..)Not only that, but you and I are in similar situations. I am also unemployed and unpublished and currently applying for jobs I'm not getting. Even jobs I don't even really WANT, I'm not getting. Sigh. I don't have the luxury of living with my parents though. Or the luxury of having faceless children or a faceless husband. I don't even have a faceless ex-husband unfortunatley. I do, however, have an entire house of my own (and the bills and mortgage to match). I have also found that, much to my dismay, having time on my hands has not made me more productive. Why is that I wonder?

    It's too bad I blog in Norwegian. I'd love to share, but google translator does not do my writinig justice! I've added myself as a follower. If you feel like ranting or just saying hello I'd love to hear from you.

    Best regards,
    Tonje Ulven

  2. Hello! I'm so pleased to discover that someone's actually reading this blog, I thought I was talking to myself. Thank you so much for following. What is the link for your blog? I'd like to read it even if the translations poor, if that's ok?

    I can't imagine how hard it is for you to have that extra responsibility of house and bills to pay. I think I'd have a nervous breakdown if that was me, so I have serious respect for your bravery!

    I totally understand about not even hearing back from jobs you didn't even want. I look on the net and in the papers and I know there are several jobs I can apply for, but I don't want them and I think "Why bother?" I'm just really tired of feeling like I'm treading water. I think I need a career's advisor! How do you cope?